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08:30-09:25  Welcome coffee / Registration

09:25-09:30  Opening Remarks (Peter Vermathen)

Session 1: Biology in solution state / NMR of small molecules  (Chair: Martina Vermathen)


Guillaume Mas and Sebastian Hiller, Biozentrum - University of Basel

Functional cycle of the human Hsp70 chaperone BiP at atomic resolution


Christian Baumann and Oliver Zerbe, University of Zürich

Solution NMR Studies of the α1B-Adrenergic Receptor



Daniel Häussinger, Uni Basel, Dept. of Chemistry

Intrinsic paramagnetic susceptibility tensors and applications to GPCRs and high-energy states of proteins



Felix Torres, ETH Zürich; NexMR GmbH, Switzerland

High throughput fragment-screening by NMR



Roland Riek, ETH Zürich

Faster NMR: On automated protein structure determination and CIDNP-based drug screening



Alfred Ross, Hoffmann LaRoche AG, Switzerland

Application of NMR Spectroscopy for characterization and identity testing of oligonucleotide drug molecules


10:45-11:15  Coffee-Break


11:15-11:45  Special Talk ( (Introduction: Roland Kreis)

Geoffrey Bodenhausen, Ecole Normal Supérieure, France

Legacy of Richard Ernst

Session 2: Biology in solution state / NMR of small molecules (Chair: Roland Kreis)


Mor Mishkovsky, EPF Lausanne

What can we add to cerebral metabolism with hyperpolarized MR probes?



Roland Kreis, University and Inselspital Bern

In vivo MR spectroscopy: a couple of flavors of the month



Peter Vermathen, University and Inselspital Bern

In vivo 39K MRI and MRS on human subjects and ex vivo NMR on 3D cell cultures in a Bioreactor



Marco Grisi, Annaida Technologies SA

NMR spectroscopy of mammalian embryos and microtissues

12:35-13:35 Lunch-Break

13:35-15:00 Postersession

Session 3: NMR of small molecules (Chair: Peter Vermathen)


Magdalena Kowalska, CERN, Geneve

Life-science studies with radiation-detected NMR in liquid environments.



Kathrin Aebischer and Matthias Ernst, Physical Chemistry, ETH Zürich

Nutation-Frequency Selective Pulses


Michele Ceriotti, EPF Lausanne

Importance of Nuclear Quantum Effects for NMR Crystallography


Maksim Mayzel, Bruker Switzerland AG

GHz-Class NMR Updates

15:50-16:20 Coffee-Break

Session 4: Methods and Processing / Solid State NMR (Chair: Julien Furrer)


Erika Janitz and Christian Degen, Department of Physics, ETH Zürich

Molecular sensing with single nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond


Beat H. Meier, ETH Zürich

Biomolecular NMR at Fast MAS and High Field


Alexander Yakimov and Christophe Copéret, ETH Zürich

Molecular-Level Understanding of the Surface Sites in Heterogeneous Cata-lysts: A Solid-State NMR and DFT Perspective


Andrea Capozzi, EPF Lausanne

A 320 km Hyperpolarization Journey: performing [U-13C, d7]glucose DNP in Copenhagen and hyperpolarized 13C-MR in Aarhus

17:10-17:15 Closing Remarks (Julien Furrer)


17:15-oe      Apéro

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